Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club

26: The Curse of Yig (Discussion)

October 30, 2022 Tod Beardsley and friends Season 1 Episode 26
Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club
26: The Curse of Yig (Discussion)
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Show Notes

In this episode, Claire and I discuss "The Curse of Yig" by  By H. P. Lovecraft
and Zealia Bishop, first published in the November, 1929 issue of Weird Tales. We have a whole bunch of trigger warnings for this, the primary being, if you're a sufferer of ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes, you will definitely want to skip this one.
We also talk about an implied fictional rape, some wistful wishing for fictional euthanasia, actual Nazis (because apparently you can't talk about anything without bringing up Nazis any more), a fictional dead dog who is described as "useless,"  fictional supernatural birth defects, rock and roll music, Oklahoma (both the actual state and the musical production), fictional asylum commitment, the real and horrifying Honduran jungle, the very real and awful tropical disease of leishmaniasis, and many other icky things. It's Halloween. It's a horror podcast. We went all out on this one. Recorded back in September, but released right in time for Halloween, anyway.

You want links? We got 'em right here, in the order they were mentioned:

The real sample, not Hollywood foley work, of a disturbed rattlesnake that plays every time Yig's name is mentioned is from this video by Michael Delany, and it's completely terrifying.

Finally, while it was mentioned in the show, the @podsothoth Twitter account is going away, because Twitter just got way, way more awful. We'll re-establish our social media on Mastodon at https://defcon.social/@podsothoth. It might be a little confusing and kind of a pain to migrate, but I'm sure we can all figure it out. You can always reach us at hideous@podsothoth.club, too.

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