Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club

33: The Horror At Red Hook

March 29, 2023 Huge Success, LLC Season 1 Episode 33
Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club
33: The Horror At Red Hook
Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club +
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Show Notes

In which Tod reads The Horror at Red Hook by HP Lovecraft, which was first published in the January, 1927 issue of Weird Tales.

Please note, this is a horror podcast, so it might not be suitable for everyone. Specifically, this story is concerned with Lovecraft's xenophobia regarding the immigrant population of Brooklyn, New York, as well as descriptions of post-traumatic stress disorder, police harassment, kidnapping, murder, and man-smuggling, as well as some poorly enunciated Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Rhode Islander fragments. Finally, the most egregiously racist descriptions of the varied people mentioned in this story have been omitted or replaced.

If any of this sounds like it is likely to disturb or offend you, you are urged to skip this episode.

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