Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club

45: The Descendant

February 25, 2024 Huge Success, LLC Season 1 Episode 45
Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club
45: The Descendant
Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club +
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Show Notes

In which Tod reads HP Lovecraft's The Descendant, first published in the winter 1938 issue of "Leaves," and first read by Tod on February 25, 2024.

Please be aware, this is a horror podcast, so it might not be for everyone. Notably, this story fragment touches on the troubling topics of the ravages of age and dementia, the Roman empire and medieval England, the dreaded Necronomicon, 90's-era Satanism, and a nihilistic longing to escape the natural world. If these topics are likely to trouble you, you are urged to skip this episode.

Background ambience in the episode is Hidden Used Book Store ASMR, on YouTube.

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