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Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club

Huge Success, LLC

Podsothoth is a horror and comedy podcast dedicated to the works (and foibles) of H.P. Lovecraft, hosted by recovering goth and internet D-lister celebrity, Tod Beardsley. Every Lovecraft story will be covered over two episodes each. First, Tod will read the story with minimal production, and ideal for people who just want to hear Lovecraft's words. This is the horror part. Following each story is a discussion of, about, and around that story, and have plenty of jokes and giggles. This is the comedy part. Follow the show at https://defcon.social/@podsothoth, or email the show at hideous@podsothoth.club. Other media may crawl out from the chaos iN ThE ineffAbLE fUTUrE, beyOnD tHe KEn OF MAN OR BEAST ALIKE AND IN A TIME OF THE GREAT RETURN OF THE OLD ONES, WHO WILL F'THAGN R'YL'EHHHHH IA IA!!!!!

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